Tooth Whitening

The process of Teeth whitening has become more and more popular recently. Professional teeth whitening can be done several different ways. The first step to getting your smile to reach their whitest potential is to find a qualified dentist who provides professional teeth whitening procedures. The different procedures include laser whitening, tray whitening and many more.

The first professional dental teeth whitening system is laser whitening. The procedure is done in office and performed by your dentist. First a bleaching gel is applied to your teeth. After that your dentist will go over your teeth which a laser that activates the bleaching crystals within the gel. The gel then penetrates the teeth's enamel to begin the whitening process. This process isn't a long one, but it does vary depending on the discoloration of your teeth. The advantages of this "in-office" tooth whitening process is that it only takes one time to effectively whiten your teeth, while other methods may take more than once. However, this is the most expensive route to go while whitening your smile.
laser whitening
custom tray whitening

The next most common procedure is at home custom tray whitening. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and then make you custom fit trays. These trays are then filled with a bleaching gel. These trays depending on the strength of gel are to be worn everyday for a variable amount of time. Although this process is less expensive, it does take anywhere from one to two weeks to notice the effect of the bleaching gel depending once again on the discoloration of your teeth.

Either one of these ways are recommended to achieve that glistening smile you've always wanted. While searching for the method that's best for you, always remember to use the professional advice of your dentist.

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before tooth whitening
after tooth whitening